Mobile News Reader/ Community App

Project Overview

Gaming Live News, a new app to view the world of gaming! This project is a passion project of mine I had created for streamers and gamers. It was created for users who are interested in gaming news media but also a community where users can come together and talk about their favorite gaming topics they enjoy.

Proccess Book

Please contact me if you want to see full process view of this site; Including design research, typography, color, UI kit, and more.

Gathering the Right Elements

This app design was built for streamers and gamers, gathering the right elements like iconography, font styles and creating a functionable dynamic layout so users can have the best experience possible.

Building A Community

I wanted to build a community where everyone can come together, talk about their favorite gaming topic, or just chat about the newest trends of their favorite game.

News & Readability

When users come to read they can easily navigate through the news platforms they like to choose from. Users can either view console types, latest or trending news. 

If you like to test this app click below! To view UI Kit of this project or process please contact me for more information!

Contact Me

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