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my name is Scarlett and I have over 5+ years of experience as a graphic designer and 2+ years of experience as a web developer. I have a great passion for design and my primary specialty is creating logos, designing brand identities, and creating web pages. I am also proficient in other design works as well.

Apart from my professional skills, I enjoy indulging in hobbies such as sewing and crafting. Additionally, I like to engage in crossword puzzle games and other activities. Did I mention I am also handy with tools?

If you have any inquiries or are interested in exploring my capabilities further, please browse through my design projects or contact me below for more information.

Check out my LinkedIn profile: Scarlydesigns

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My Abilities

Responsive design

My technical abilities in responsive design enable me to create websites optimized for all devices. I use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap to ensure websites are visually appealing and user-friendly on all screen sizes.


My programming proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript empowers me to develop optimized websites that adhere to industry best practices for performance, accessibility, and usability.

Problem Solving

With my problem-solving skills I can effectively identify and resolve code issues, troubleshoot technical problems, and optimize website performance with a systematic approach that meets project requirements.

Attention to Detail

In web design and development, I pay close attention to every detail to ensure the delivery of professional work. With a focus on tailoring every aspect of the website, from its visual appearance to its functionality.


Clear communication is essential for collaboration and project outcomes. My communication skills enable me to work effectively with colleagues and clients, even in high-pressure environments & tight deadlines.

Modern Development

I continuously learn and develop my skills by seeking out the latest trends to ensure I can deliver high-quality work to my clients. Design & Technology  is always evolving, requiring up-to-date knowledge and best practices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? I’ll try my best to answer them! Here are some common questions i get.

Are you a full stack developer?

Unfortunately, I am not.
Currently, I only have knowledge in HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery and WordPress.

I do, however, plan to continue my web development journey by learning JS frames works such as React and Angular in the feature.

What are your thoughts on modern design?

Modern design is a very interesting topic, there have been many great designs in web design and graphics that I believe will shape the feature to something visually interesting; however, today’s designs do start to feel repetitive, bland, and a bit the same. In web development, for example, many websites have a “template design feel” instead of a different touch. I feel as if maybe some designers might either have stopped trying or become lazy? Not sure, but will eventually write a more in-depth topic on this!

Do you take on tasks that are usually outside your comfort zone?

Yes, I do but will eventually depend on the project, requirements, and my capabilities in order to consider that task.

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